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Posted: October 13, 2012 01:39 pm (-05:00)
Michael Shinafelt
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Sir Jet - "Shout Out To The Lonely"
Sir Jet

Joel Evan Tye, aka Sir Jet, is back on "Entertain Me" with a groovy new single, "Shout Out To The Lonely".

You may remember him from my first chat with him (

The ubiquitous Sir Jet took some time out of his busy schedule to stop by "Entertain Me" to tell us about his latest. OK - take it away Sir Jet!

MS: So Sir Jet, tell us a little bit about your latest, "Shout Out To The Lonely".

SJ: It was a journey. It took a really long time to put together. It was nine months by the time we got it out. It was like being pregnant and having a baby. (laughs)

MS: What is the message that you want people to take away from this single?

SJ: The number one message I want people to take away from this single when they listen to it is that no matter what you are facing you are really not alone. We all feel lonely at times, but we are never really alone... no matter what situation you are in, just know there is somebody out there just like you who could probably use your help just as much as you could use theirs.

That's why you always see me reaching out in the video; reach out, you never know who is there for you when you need them.

MS: On a side note, there was a director's credit and we all know why (both laugh), Carlton Wilborn, one of Madonna's backup dancers who was featured in her film "Truth or Dare".

SJ: Yeah.

MS: He was the guy who jumped into bed with Madonna naked and she said his dick was huge and it smelled. (both laugh) Spill the direction you are headed with this song.

SJ: This is one of four songs that I wrote and I am putting them together on an EP that I plan on releasing in November.

MS: Do you know what the title of the EP is going to be or have you decided yet?

SJ: It's going to be called "Shout Out To The Lonely".

MS: Perfect!

"Shout Out" to Sir Jet at

Michael Shinafelt
Michael Shinafelt has covered pop & dance music since he first burst on to the writing scene, interviewing everyone from pop icon Olivia Newton-John to pop artist E.G. Daily. Not to mention the many dance divas (male and female) who he has crossed paths with. Other interviews of note are Pamela Anderson, Heidi Fleiss, as well as cover stories on Margaret Cho and Kathy Griffin. Peace.
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