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Posted: July 31, 2012 07:06 pm (-05:00)
Michael Shinafelt
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Ponyboy. Releases: "Pussy Killer"
Ponyboy. "Pussy Killer"

"I know why you did what you did... you wanted to make people think" - "Luka" Ponyboy

Indie-rockers Ponyboy. are independently releasing a three-part project inspired by the crimes and ensuing media frenzy of accused killer Luka Rocca Magnotta on his thirtieth birthday. The project consists of a six-track CD, titled "Pussy Killer," an art-house remake of the viral video "1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick," and a music video for their song, "Luka".

The self-described "art-fag" band is using the Magnotta case as a platform to address our culture’s fascination with violent crime. The bulk of the work is in the forty-minute album, "Pussy Killer," the title being a reference to suspicions that Magnotta killed cats in online videos in 2010. The album's concluding track, "1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick," was actually scored to the original viral video of the same name with abrasive guitar noise and howls mimicking the action onscreen.

"1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick" is also the soundtrack and title of the Ponyboy. remake of the gruesome shock video available on DVD. Recently, a one minute trailer for the film was age-restricted by YouTube staff after they received complaints. The band has also made a music video for their song "Luka". The song and video are a tribute to Magnotta from the perspective of a fan and potential future killer.

My Ponyboy's have come a long way from their humble beginnings here on "Entertain Me" (The first PB chat: The "Boys" have brought their brand of satire and commentary to a way darker subject matter. Hey, Charles McVey, talk to Daddy...

MS: Why do a record on the Magnotta case?

CMcV: I became interested in the Magnotta case shortly before he was caught, and I assume there are a few specific reasons why I was drawn to it. First of all, the case was so extreme. Every article I read became more and more horrific as the story unfolded. The fact that the dismemberment video was posted online was just so over the top, and it felt to me like it was almost a new type of crime; a crime for the internet generation. It was the beginning of June and there was already a ton of stuff online about it. I probably researched it for four hours the first night.

Also, there were tons of posts from Luka and clues online on various social media sites and YouTube. It really tweaked my sleuthing nerve. I remember noticing that there were videos posted before the crime was actually committed a couple of days before people really started talking about it. But even more intriguing to me than the horrible things Magnotta is accused of was the idea that he had done this all for fame and his extreme narcissism, as well as the ensuing frenzy of "Luka Fans" and "Luka Haters" online.


MS: How does it tie in with the rest of Ponyboy's work?

CMcV: From day one, Ponyboy. has written songs about outcasts and dark subjects. I'm sure that the gay side of the story, the idea that he killed "a lover," was something that made it feel like it fit in. And for the last few years my work has had an ongoing relationship of sorts with people in the porn community. But on top of that, Magnotta's back story is rather sad and fucked up. It seems pretty obvious he was abused in the past, and when you watch video of him being interviewed you can just tell he's full of shit and just saying what he thinks the recipient wants to hear. There were just so many angles to come at this story from, and the writing came really naturally, now that I think of it.

MS: Isn't releasing a project about Magnotta on his birthday just giving him what he wants by feeding his ego?

CMcV: He's already famous. This case is pretty well known at this point, and I don't think there's much that an indie rock band from Kansas can do to alter or impact that in either direction. I don't think the lyrical content of "Pussy Killer" is complementary to Magnotta, and I didn't feel like the fact that it's still a sore spot for people was a reason enough not to do it. In fact, it seems more appropriate to make this kind of gesture while the wound is still fresh in the public's mind. However, it seems we have already moved on to horror in Colorado.

Thanks, My Little Pony. The video for "Luka" below; this video is not for the squeamish or faint of heart, so watch at your own risk.

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Michael Shinafelt has covered pop & dance music since he first burst on to the writing scene, interviewing everyone from pop icon Olivia Newton-John to pop artist E.G. Daily. Not to mention the many dance divas (male and female) who he has crossed paths with. Other interviews of note are Pamela Anderson, Heidi Fleiss, as well as cover stories on Margaret Cho and Kathy Griffin. Peace.
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Ponyboy. Releases: "Pussy Killer"
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